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My Top 5 Ass -Kicking and Awesome Television Old Guys

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment

I don’t write about TV as much as I would like to. I just don’t have the time, but today I find myself with a few free moments and thinking about an interesting character type, the Awesome/Ass Kicking Old Guy. Plus if blog my stats are any indication people seem to love lists. So here is a list and thoughts on some of my favorite,  older, awesome, male television characters who kick ass both literally and figuratively. Qualifying notes: obviously this is my opinion and I drew from current shows

Bobby Singer Bobby Singer

Show: “Supernatural”

Played by Jim Beaver


At the end of first season of “Supernatural” I met a character who would become one of my favorite characters on the show, mechanic, salvage yard owner, and hunter Bobby Singer. Over the course of several seasons you got to know him better and he got even cooler.  Bobby was like a Blue Collar American version of everything that was awesome about Rupert Giles from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: the knowledge of the occult, the bad ass streak, and the genuine fatherly affection for the main characters. Those traits as brought to life by actor Jim Beaver made every episode with Bobby Singer, awesome as Dean Winchester would say

   UnserWayne Unser

  Show: “Sons of Anarchy”

  Played by Dayton Callie


Over the course of five seasons Wayne Unser’s role on “Sons of Anarchy” has changed but his moral code has not. He started off as the Sheriff of Charming California and a staunch ally of the show’s titular motorcycle club. Since then he’s retired but still remains an ally of the Sons, and a formidable and very intriguing character. For me that’s because of two things. First is his moral code, which is very grey but still leans on the side of righteousness and justice. The second is his resourcefulness. Wayne may be older, but he’s still a highly resourceful and cunning guy able to gather information quickly and solve mysteries other might not want solved. And Dayton Callie gives the character a sense of likability and nobility So I doubt it will happen but if Unser survives to the end of “Sons of Anarchy” I would love to see an “Unser P.I.” show


MullenArt Mullen

Show: Justified

Played by: Nick Searcy


Chief Deputy Art Mullen has the interesting and difficult job of managing three of the most dysfunctional bad-asses on television the Marshalls of the Lexington, Kentucky field office. It’s a role that could easily be reduced to the disapproving police captain stereotype, but thanks to Nick Searcy’s acting and the show’s smart writing Art is so much more. Sure he’s a stern authority figure, but like the other characters on this list he has a genuine affection for the people he looks after. Plus Art is also kind of a bad ass himself. We’ve seen that in several episodes where he stared down and took on armed fugitives. Plus he gets to deliver some of the show’s best lines


Berenson Saul Berenson

Show: Homeland

Played by: Mandy Patinken


Saul Berenson is the superior and mentor to brilliant CIA agent Carrie Mathison, but Saul is just as brilliant. From time to time “Homeland” will follow Saul into the field as he works his magic. And the reason Saul is successful is not because he’s good with a gun, or super intimidating. It’s because he’s a genuinely decent human being. Saul has cracked people and gotten valuable information simply by being good natured and talking with them like they’re people. Plus he’s got a fiery streak in him that’s amazing to behold. You don’t want to f*** with the “Bear!”  Mandy Patinken gives Saul a gravitas and nobility that makes him one of Homeland’s best characters


SelmyBarristan Selmy

Show: Game of Thrones

Played by Ian McElhinney


Some might wonder at the inclusion of Barristan on this list because he didn’t appear much in the first season of “Game of Thrones” and didn’t appear at all in the second, but when he did appear he was awesome.  Barristan is the commander of the King’s Guard with I believe over 40 years of combat experience. So the character requires some gravitas and McElhinney give the character that in spades. The scene where he’s dismissed from King Joffrey’s service was awesome. McElhinney’s performance originally made me a fan of the character before I read the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books that “A Game of Thrones” was based on. So I hope we see Barristan again in season three of “Game of Thrones”

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