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The Missing Link(s)

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks here’s a rundown with links so you can read the pieces I mention:

I talked with writer Jonathan Hickman about his work on Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” series

I talked with writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about their work on Marvel’s  “Realm of Kings” one-shot and how the “Realm of Kings” event will impact their series “Guardians of the Galaxy

I chatted with writer Dan Slott about his Marvel Comics one-shot “Dark Reign:The List-Amazing Spider-Man” and his upcoming Mysterio story in “Amazing Spider-Man”

I gabbed with writers Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak about Marvel’s awesome “Incredible Hercules” min-series

On Tuesday November 24th word broke about writer Jonathan Hickman’s new ongoing “Shield” series for Marvel. I talked to him that night and the next morning my interview with him about the series was published

I talked with writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu about what readers can expect from their Marvel Comics series “Dark Wolverine”

I talked with writer Brian Michael Bendis about his work on Marvel’s “Ultimate Spider-Man” series and the “Ultimate Enemy mini-series which kicks off in January

Bendis and I chatted again about his work on the Marvel Comics one-shot “Siege: The Cabal” which is out this week.

I even manage to do a bit of non comic book related writing.  I recently watched 8 undercover cop movies and wrote about some of the morally ambiguous moments in them. The article appeared on the Mania.com website

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