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Read of the Week 12/3/09

It’s been a few weeks since I did one of these pieces so pardon me if I’m a little rusty.  This week because of the Thanksgiving holiday comics came out one day later than they normally did.  I had a short stack of books this week , so there’s only one featured book

Dark Avengers Annual #1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Chris Bachalo

Brian Michael Bendis knows how to write an entertaining Marvel Comic. He’s been doing that for a little over 10 years now.  His books may not always make it into the reads of the week and that’s because the bar is set  pretty high for him. I expect huge things from Bendis and he always delivers. So when he does something truly great it’s a guaranteed read of the week, and “Dark Avengers Annual” #1 is truly great.

The book picks up on where  young Kree soldier turned superhero turned renegade Noh-Varr has been since he split from the Dark Avengers.  Varr AKA Marvel Boy quit the team after discovering that the Dark Avengers and his boss Norman Osborn were all criminals and psychopaths. So he fled underground and has been looking for a way to reconnect with humans, his Kree heritage, and the legacy of another Kree hero Captain Marvel.

The story is told from Noh-Varr’s perspective and Bendis manages to make that perspective both alien and identifiable.  You’re rooting for Noh-Varr to figure out exactly how he fits into the Marvel Universe and when he does find a new purpose at the end of the issue, the revelation is incredibly satisfying.

Bendis also does a nice job  with the supporting cast in the tale. Noh-Varr meets a college student named Annie and she’s very charismatic. Her encounter with Noh-Varr changes her and it’s great to watch. Bendis also works in a great scene with Noh-Varr and the Sentry, one that illuminates both their characters in interesting ways.

Said scenes with the Sentry are also fun because their part of a knock down drag out fight between the two characters.  It’s an exciting battle and it’s not a one way fight either. Both characters get some good licks in.

Artist Chris Bachalo also played a huge role in making the fight scenes in “Dark Avengers Annual” #1 so interesting.  His pencils are very dynamic when it comes to action, but it’s not just the action that Bachalo makes look good. He does a great job with the characters as well. Part of the reason the scenes between Annie and Noh-Varr  are so compelling is because Bachalo draws them in an expressive way.

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